How it works

The DAT system is mounted on your existing spraying equipment. The system consists of a camera and flash that takes clear photographs up to speeds of 25 km/h. The onboard computer analyzes the photographs in real-time and software calculates whether or not it is beneficial to spray the current field patch. The DAT system can be simply adjusted to spray at different thresholds according to the specific conditions of your individual fields.


A patented camera specifically adjusted for conditions out in the fields.

Specially tailored image sensor ensure sharp images, even in uneven terrain and speed up to 25 km/h.

Induced air stream around the lens prevents dust and spray mist from sticking to lens.


Software instantly detects and classifies weeds and the status of immature crops.

An onboard computer process pictures in real time, and compares weed levels with optimal thresholds for spraying, developed in cooperation with NIBIO.

The threshold can be simply adjusted according to different crop and weed types.


Easy to install directly on your existing equipment.

Camera unit mounts directly to your spraying boom.

Our technicians help you mount and calibrate the equipment.