Benefits of precision spraying

Conserve herbicide

Experiments have shown that a typical barley or oats farm can reduce its herbicide consumption by 50%.

Provided a herbicide cost of EUR 30 per ha, a 500 ha farm will save EUR 7 500 per herbicide application.*

Increase yields

We have observed that non-sprayed areas in crops show significant yield increases, due to the growth reducing effect of herbicide on crops in areas with low weed levels.

Provided a wheat price of EUR 300 per ton, an unsprayed area of 50%, an initial yield of 7 ton per ha, a 500 ha farm and a yield increase of 6%, the farmer earns an increased sales value of EUR 31 500.**

Save time and the environment

Reducing herbicide use helps you run your farm in a more sustainable manner by also saving you time and eliminating excess herbicide in the environment.

The variables in this calculation vary, but we invite you to make your own calculations with our cost-savings spreadsheet.



* 30 EUR/ ha x 500 ha x 50% = EUR 7 500

** 7 ton / ha x 500 ha x 300 EUR/ton x 6 % x 50 % = EUR 31 500